Although many households nowadays use electromagnetic stoves, there are still many households that use gas stoves. Gas stoves are more convenient to use, and the firepower is easier to adjust, making cooking more convenient. When using gas, if the gas pipe has been in use for a long time, it needs to be replaced. Gas safety is not to be underestimated. In order to ensure our safety, we need to master the correct skills when replacing the gas hose pipe. So, how do we replace the gas hose pipe? Let's find out together!

Gas Hose Pipe Replacement Method

Before replacing it, we can first measure the length of the gas hose pipe that needs to be replaced with a ruler, or we can directly bring the old gas hose pipe to the store to purchase. When purchasing gas hose for sale, it is recommended to choose a well-known brand, so that quality and safety can be guaranteed. In addition, hoses with thicker walls are better. Then we need to purchase a gas branch according to our own needs. After purchasing it, we need to connect one end of the gas pipe to the gas cylinder, and then use stainless steel rings to fix it. There are supporting accessories when purchasing the hose. 

Precautions For Using Gas Hose Pipes

Check the gas hose pipe regularly

For safety reasons, it is recommended that everyone check the hose for damage or other problems each time they use it. The hose connected to the gas-burning appliance should use a special hose with the same service life as the gas appliance. Surveys have shown that gas leakage incidents caused by reasons such as loose, dropped, damaged, or aging rubber hoses account for about 60% of all gas incidents. Therefore, when using it, we should pay attention to the installation condition and connection of the gas hose pipe, and avoid gas leakage.

The lifespan of gas stoves and gas cookers is 8 years

When purchasing stove equipment, it is best not to buy unqualified products from small or unlicensed shops. It is recommended that everyone purchase gas stoves and cookers produced by large-scale, regular manufacturers to ensure safety and quality. According to relevant national rules, the lifespan of gas stoves and gas cookers is 8 years from the date of sale. When performing regular maintenance, contact the gas appliance manufacturer and accept regular after-sales service. If it exceeds its service life, it is recommended to inspect and replace it in a timely manner.

Use a special gas hose pipe

Nowadays, there are many types of gas hose pipes in stores, such as rubber gas hose pipe and PVC gas hose. Although there is no clear regulation by relevant national laws and regulations prohibiting the use of rubber hoses, local regulations promoting safer gas-specific metal hoses are being introduced. PVC hoses not only eliminate the trouble of frequent replacement, but also have characteristics such as rodent resistance and good flexibility.