Our vision is to create Gas Technology that makes life better and safer for everybody, everywhere around the world.


This motivates us — inspires us — to do what we do. To make what we make. 


IGT, with the motto '', Strive for perfection'', summarizes how IGT is focused on bringing well-designed, perfectly assembled professionally packaged products to the market.

About Ningbo Shuaixian Regulator Co.,Ltd

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IGT is one of the Global gas hose suppliers in the market for regulators and hoses for butane and propane cylinders.

IGT Headquartered in Denmark has two factories, NBSX located in Ningbo, China since 2006, and IGCT located in Hyderabad, India since 2016. Gas regulator factory IGT employs 245 people.

IGT uses the best raw materials such as zamac3, brass, steel, and rubber for all components. In addition, we perform 100% quality control on both assembly and assembled finished products.

All LPG gas regulator and hose kit come with a 5-year product warranty and $ 5 million product liability insurance.

The factories have been audited and approved among others by international gas appliance companies and meet the high standards of these customer segments. Both factories are ISO9001 certified and in 2014 the NBSX factory was also BSCI certified (, a social enterprise initiative aimed at ensuring compliance with the European Code of Conduct on Social Responsibility.

IGT aligns its production with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all of us.

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Our history

Before IGT entered the market in 2006 most markets had two offerings; either an expensive European-made LPG regulator of good quality, with a minimum 5-year life cycle or alternatively a cheap ''copy'' LPG regulator of the very poor and dangerous quality. 

IGT now serves the global market with the best of the two worlds by offering a significantly flexible product at a very attractive price. 

At IGT we ''Strive for perfection'',  this motto summarizes how IGT is focused on bringing well-designed, perfectly assembled professionally packaged products to the market. 

Our safety devices are always 100% tested, clearly bar coded as well as safe and sound products, we will always strive to deliver freight and duty paid and on time no matter the location in the world.

History of IGT China
IGT World Wide Sales Network

IGT is a global supplier of domestic LPG Safety Devices, with sales in over 120 countries.

IGT has a worldwide distribution sales network with its own sales staff in Europe, the United States, Russia-SNG countries, China and India.

See the complete distributor and dealer list on WWW.IGT-LPG.COM

  • Headquarters: Denmark

  • Factory: Ningbo China, Hyderabad India

  • Sales Office: Russia, USA, Kenya

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