IGT LPG Gas Regulator, Hose and Fitting Accessories Types

A gas regulator is a device used to control the flow of gas from a pressurized container to an appliance or equipment. The IGT LPG safety gas regulator is a type of gas regulator specifically designed for use with LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) fuel. As a gas regulator manufacturer and supplier, IGT is a company that produces gas hose and regulators for commercial use. We produce IGT LPG safety regulators, gas hose fittings and gas regulator fittings for a variety of applications and markets, including industrial, commercial, and residential.

LPG Gas Regulator Applications

  • Home Gas Regulator
    Home Gas Regulator
    Cook your meals to perfection and stay warm with IGT gas regulator.
    Home Gas Regulator
  • Outdoor Gas Regulator
    Outdoor Gas Regulator
    Widely used on outdoor activities, such as BBQ, Cocktail Parties, etc. Have fun with your friends and family.
    Outdoor Gas Regulator
  • Caravan and Marine Gas Regulator
    Caravan and Marine Gas Regulator
    It's getting more and more popular to get away from noisy metropolis during holiday. Slow down, relax and enjoy life. Regulator Specific designed for Caravan and Boat, hot delicious food for you under the sunshine.
    Caravan and Marine Gas Regulator
  • Home Gas Regulator
  • Outdoor Gas Regulator
  • Caravan and Marine Gas Regulator

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About Ningbo Shuaixian Regulator Co.,Ltd

IGT with HQ in Denmark is one of the Global leaders in design & manufacture LPG regulators, hose, as well as fitting accessories. With ISO9001, BSCI, SEDEX Audit and numerous certificates(CSA/CE/SANS/IAPMO/AGA/DVGW, etc), our products export to over 120 countries around the world. At same time all our products provide 5 year warranty and 5 million USD product liability insurance. Also gas hose manufacturer IGT strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

We are your reliable gas regulator manufacturer in LPG area. Join us and explore the safety gas regulator types.

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Certificates of IGT Reliable Regulators and Hose

  • dbi certification a120is
  • igt china iso9001
  • dbi certification a400
  • dbi certification a300
  • dbi certification a500
  • dbi certification a235is

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