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Features on IGT Gas Hose

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IGT Gas Hose
IGT Gas Hose
IGT Gas Hose
IGT Gas Hose
IGT Gas Hose
IGT Gas Hose
IGT Gas Hose
IGT Gas Hose

To connect fittings, consuming appliances and piping.

Cold-resistant to -30°C

Various hose standards can be offered. For EU EN16436-1 and EN16436-2 are predominantly used. Class 2, for reduced pressure and class 3 for unreduced pressure for class 3-IGT apply heavy sleeves with improved lifetime and durability with 300 NM pull force resistance.

Use the A900-008 install date label to monitor the end-of-use date.

PVC hose is price competitive but has short durability of less than 5 years. Recommended exchanged after 3 years or whenever it is due.

Each IGT Hose assembly is tested 100% gas-tight by compressed air at 20bar. A rubber hose is recommended due to its longer durability, and fire resistance. It can last up to 10 years. Recommended exchanged after 5 years of use or whenever it is due.

When Brass-Brass connections are used gas-tight connections can be obtained at <3NM force. Connections of Zinc – Steel. Brass needs 12-18NM and is therefore not recommended.

All Hose assemblies can be supplied with steel/ stainless steel.

Advantages of IGT Gas Hose

  • Longer durability, and fire resistance

  • Cold-resistant to -30°C

  • Lifetime at least 5 years

  • Competitive price

Applications of IGT Gas Hose

IGT, a reputable gas hose manufacturer, specializes in delivering premium-quality gas hoses for various applications. Our PVC gas hoses and rubber gas hose pipes are available in a variety of specifications to suit diverse needs. IGT Gas Hose is used to connect LPG cylinders to manifolds, automatic changeovers, and multi-cylinder systems. The gas bottle connection hose can be also used as an LPG gas regulator to ensure the end user uses the appliance freely. Such as gas stoves, gas cylinders, BBQ gas grills, gas heaters, etc 

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