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Welcome to the world of high-quality gas regulators for caravans and campers! As a leading gas regulator supplier, IGT take pride in offering a wide range of caravan regulators, including camper gas regulators, dual gas regulators for caravans, and gas bottle regulator for caravan. Whether you're a distributor, retailer, or business owner, our selection of top-notch caravan gas regulators is designed to meet your wholesale needs. Let's explore the outstanding features and benefits of our caravan gas regulators, ensuring a safe and reliable gas supply for your customers' camping adventures. Shop now and discover the perfect solution for your wholesale campervan gas regulator requirements!

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A121isp-PM650: Low pressure gas regulator with 21mm inlet, a typical caravan gas regulator

A235iS-PMV219: Jumbo click on Low pressure gas regulator with 35 inlet for boats, a typical marine gas regulator

A311iep-P012: Low pressure regulator with POL inlet used in Caravan and boats

A311iep-PM273: Hand wheel  Low pressure regulator equipped  with PRV function

A500i-1: Camping gas regulator with manometer for Caravan and boats, a typical camping gas regulator

M14: Camping gas regulator with a rotating inlet for Caravan and boats

Caravan & Marine Gas Regulator Specification

Inlet size options:20mm/21mm/35mm/ M16/ 7/16"/G1/G2/G4/G5G/7/G8/G10/G12/POL
Outlet size options:8/10/11mm, thread 1/4"LH
Outlet pressure options:28mbar,29mbar,30mbar,37mbar,50mbar
Excess flow:Equipped with manual excess flow valve with a
push button(stop 100% of the gas flow in case
of any leakage or disconnection
Manometer:Equipped with a manometer for leakage detecting
and low gas level indicating.
Color options:Green, Silver, blue, yellow, orange, red, Silver metallic, Etc.
Regulator size:137×92×48mm
Packing:Plastic bag/ color box/ head card/ Blister

Campervan Gas Regulator Advantages

Caravan gas regulators offer several advantages that make them essential components of a safe and efficient gas supply system in your campervan. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Safe Gas Supply: The primary function of a campervan gas regulator is to ensure a safe and controlled flow of gas from the gas cylinder to your appliances. It regulates the pressure, preventing the gas pressure from becoming dangerously high, which reduces the risk of gas leaks, fires, or explosions.

  • Consistent Gas Pressure: Caravan twin gas regulators maintain a consistent gas pressure to your appliances, ensuring optimal performance. Whether you're using a stove, refrigerator, water heater, or any other gas-powered device in your campervan, the dual gas regulator for caravan ensures a steady flow of gas, promoting efficient and reliable operation.

  • Protection against Gas Leaks: Many camping gas regulator are equipped with excess flow valves that automatically shut off the gas supply if a significant gas leak is detected. This feature helps protect you and your campervan from potential hazards and accidents.

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By regulating the gas pressure, the caravan gas regulator with gauge optimizes gas consumption, improving the overall efficiency of your gas appliances. This can lead to longer-lasting gas cylinders and more extended periods between refills.

  • Compact and Space-Saving: Campervan gas regulators are designed to be compact and space-saving. They can easily fit into the limited storage spaces typically found in campervans, making them a practical choice for mobile living.

  • Easy Installation: Caravan twin gas regulators are generally straightforward to install. The dual gas regulator for caravan often come with standard gas regulator fittings, making it easy for campers to set up and use their gas systems.

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