Gas Adaptor Types

There're numerous types of Gas adaptors that IGT supplies, with different configurations and connection options.

How Does a Gas Adaptor Work?

How Does a Gas Adaptor Work?
  • GAS Regulator Adaptors are used to bridge the various hose and regulator combinations to the various gas cylinder valve outlets.

  • Gas line adaptors are used to bridge between different thread sizes and between US and EN standards.

  • They also allow angled connections where narrow space is a challenge or if you want to connect to a steel or copper pipe.

  • The pipe-to-hose adopter allows you to bridge the connection between a steel pipe and a gas hose.


Gas Adaptor FAQs

  • What are the different types of gas adaptors?

    As a professional gas regulator supplier, IGT provides various gas adaptors, such as POL adaptors, nozzle adapters and thread adapt, etc. 

  • Why do I need a gas adaptor?

    It is possible to establish a connection between two products that cannot be connected directly, so that autogas adapters are applied.

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