High Pressure LPG Gas Regulator Types

There're numerous types of High-Pressure Gas Regulators that IGT supplies, with different configurations and connection options.

High Pressure LPG Gas Regulator Characteristics

High Pressure LPG Gas Regulator Characteristics

Regulator high-pressure gas provides gas systems with control and functionality while reducing pressure to usable levels. High-pressure  LPG gas regulators are designed to reduce high-pressure supplies safely and accurately to system pressure requirements. IGT delivers high-performance high-pressure regulators that are designed for your specific gas needs.

As a professional gas hose manufacturer, IGT, we provide high-pressure gas regulators that help you manage your gas delivery system for safe and reliable process performance. Our expert professionals deliver innovative solutions for challenging industrial applications to meet the most demanding high-pressure gas regulator delivery system requirements.


High Pressure LPG Gas Regulator FAQs

  • What is the difference between low pressure and high pressure gas regulators?

    1. The installation method is different:

    High-pressure valves and low pressure gas regulator are generally used between water heaters or gas pipes.

    2. Different pressures:

    The high-pressure valve and the low-pressure valve are collectively referred to as pressure-reducing valves. The difference is that the high-pressure valve output pressure has a high flow rate, and the low-pressure valve output pressure has a low flow rate;

    3. Different uses:

    Low-pressure valves are generally used in household gas stoves or water heaters, and high-pressure valves are used in high-power gas stoves in restaurants;

  • How does a high pressure regulator work?

    Used in conjunction with a cylinder valve to reduce cylinder pressure to a 0-4bar outlet pressure required for operation of torches, burners and furnaces for commercial and industrial applications.

  • How do you adjust a high pressure LPG regulator?

    There is a rotation knob on the replacement hose and regulator, it can be rotated and adjust outlet pressure from 0 to 4 bar.

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