Types Of Gas Regulator Fittings

Gas Regulator Accessories, Gas Hose Fitting Selecting Instruction

  • Hose size
  • ​Temperature
  • Application
  • Material to be conveyed
  • ​Pressure
  • Others
IGT Gas Regulator Accessories
IGT Gas Regulator Accessories
IGT Gas Regulator Accessories
IGT Gas Regulator Accessories
IGT Gas Regulator Accessories
IGT Gas Regulator Accessories

The inside diameter of the hose must be adequate to keep pressure loss a minimum and avoid damage to the hose do to heat generation or excessive turbulence.

When selecting replacement accessories, two areas of temperature must be considered. Fluid temperature and ambient.

Determine where or how the replacement hose or accessories is to be used. To fulfill the requirements of applications.

Such as brass material, steel material, etc.

This is the most important in the hose selection process if knowing system pressure.

Ends of couplings size.

Why should I choose IGT gas regulator accessories, gas hose fitting?

  • We IGT, as a professional gas regulator supplier,  support numerous possible types of gas regulator fittings

  • Provide OEM and ODM gas regulator fittings

  • Our quick release gas fittings are well designed, and perfectly assembled

  • Our gas regulator pipe fittings are 100% tested and professionally packaged

  • Our fitting gas regulator to hose are delivered directly to your warehouse or nearest preferred harbor

Safety Instructions on Using Gas Regulator Accessories/Gas Hose Fitting

  • Fit the fitting gas regulator to hose to the outlet nozzle and Use water and liquid soap for lubrication of the hose. Insert firmly and clamp it using the hose clamp.

  • Make sure not to change or remove the seal cap from the cylinder valve in the presence of open lights or flames.

  • Press the push button horizontally, mount the regulator on the cylinder and press the safety gas regulator firmly down and release.

  • Turn on by turning the level, after ensuring that the regulator is connected firmly to the cylinder.

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