To live well, we must stress the importance of safety, both in our work and daily lives. For example, the gas hose pipe we use in our everyday lives is a critical component of safety!

The gas hose pipe is a flexible tube that is used to transport natural gas, coal gas, or liquefied petroleum gas

The gas hose pipe is often made of a double-layered pipe as the base, which is covered with a smooth surface layer, and the bonding surface between each layer of the hose is made into a convex and concave pattern. The gas hose pipe has a smooth surface that is easy to clean, and the pipe is flexible. The strength of the hose has been further improved, which prolongs its service life, improves product quality, delays aging, and prevents fading.

Plastic gas hose pipes guarantee consumers' safety from raw materials, manufacturing processes, to after-sales insurance services!

Characteristics of plastic gas hose pipes

Product features

The gas flexible rubber hose is made of high-quality PVC raw materials, with a lined structure, durable, resistant to aging and cracking, and has high flexibility and elasticity.

Composite structure

The pvc gas hose has high-quality PVC raw materials, imported high-strength polyester mesh layer, and the introduction of international advanced technology.


High pressure resistance, good resistance to oil and chemicals, and resistance to complex climates.


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Wide application

Natural gas, gas, liquid and oil transportation in homes and hotels.

Product details

The rubber-polymer composite material effectively increases the durability of the gas hose pipe, and the high-strength and high-density winding improves its flame retardancy.

Safe use of gas hose pipes

Regular self-inspection

Periodically check whether the gas hose pipe connection is loose or leaking. Typically, check the three locations: the connection between the gas pipeline and the pipe connection; the connection between the gas pipeline and the gas meter; and the connection between the gas hose pipe and the gas equipment.

Correct installation and replacement

When installing the rubber gas hose pipe, a professional should control the length to within 2 meters and fix the ends with clamps. After installation, it should be tested.

No matter what, we cannot relax when it comes to safety. Safety needs to be constantly emphasized. The media reports on accidents almost every day. The shocking truth has taught us a vivid lesson. Each safety accident adds a heavy and sad atmosphere to what would otherwise be a joyful and peaceful time and causes immeasurable losses to the families concerned. The causes of these accidents are all due to people not paying enough attention to safety.

If we want a stable and happy life, we must begin by paying attention to safety in our daily work and life, such as the safe use of gas hose pipes and the use of multiple safety-protected plastic gas hose pipes!