Different Types of IGT Gas Regulators

IGT Gas Regulator Safety Features

  • Test and monitor
  • Safety
  • Diaphragm relief valve
  • Cut off 100% of gas flow
IGT Gas Regulator Safety Features
IGT Gas Regulator Safety Features
IGT Gas Regulator Safety Features
IGT Gas Regulator Safety Features

IGT gas regulators with low level indicator will help users to make a precise & convenient leak test, and continuously monitor low gas level.

The automatic hose failure safety(Excess Flow Valve) Cut off 90% of gas flow and reduce an accident

The diaphragm relief valve opens at a preset pressure i.e 150mbar. Protect against overpressure in downstream pipes. Only for outdoor use or in ventilated compartments.

IGT gas regulators with manual excess flow valve will cut off 100% of gas flow in case of a big leakage and stop an accident before it develops.

Certificates Worldwide

There're different standards in different countries. As a professional gas regulator manufacturer, we are proud to say that types of IGT LPG gas regulators for sale meet most of the standards around the world.


Gas Regulator Leak Detection

  • The IGT gas pressure regulator is connected to the gas appliance by a gas connection hose. The gas appliances should be in a shut-off position.

  • The adjustable gas pressure regulator is switched to the ON position. The dial of the indicator should then go into the green area.

  • The gas pressure regulator switch is moved back to the OFF position. The dial of the indicator should then remain in the green area.

  • Wait 1 minute. If the dial is still in the same green area the installation is safe without leaks. If the dial has moved to yellow or blue colour, the gas pressure regulator installation is not safe and should be checked by using leak Detecting spray.

  • Any leak should be eliminated before the use of the gas appliance.


As a reputable gas regulator manufacturer, IGT performs 100% quality control on both assembly and assembled finished products. All LPG gas regulators for sale are supplied with 5 years warranty Terms apply.


Gas Regulator FAQs

  • Do gas regulators need to be installed horizontally?

     It depends the LPG regulator types.   

  • Where should LPG gas regulator be located?

     It is connected with gas cylinder.

  • Do gas regulators need to be vented outside?


  • What is typical residential gas pressure?

    Usually, it is 30mbar -50mbar

  • What happens if gas pressure is too low?

    It may cause the Insufficient gas supply, as a result low firepower. 

  • How are your gas pressure regulator shipped?

    They are packed separately in PE bag/color box/blister etc with outside master carton, loaded on pallet for intergration and safety delivery.

Gas Regulator Installation Instructions

How to install the IGT gas safety device?

Take out the safety device of gas pressure regulator from the box, check the ON/OFF Knob, manometern, manual Reset button and push Locking switch.  

  • First, fix the LPG gas hose pipe in the safety device. And ensure that Knob is on OFF position.

  • Then, Press the switch inside and hold it, then fix the safety regulator to the cylinder. Apply some pressure and the gas regulator is fixed. 

  • At last. turn on the Knob. Lit the stove.

If need to to change the cylinder, you need to OFF knob to downward direction and press the switch and remove the gas regulator device.

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