If you look around your home you will most likely find more than one gas applied in outdoor gas regulator. Maybe you have gas cooking appliances, gas heating or a BBQ gas bottle regulator. If you are on a camping holiday, there’s every chance you have a gas cylinder for your portable gas stove.

Something you will have attached to these items is gas regulators. Another name for a gas regulator is a pressure regulator which gives us a better clue as to what they are.

Whether you are using a Natural Gas, LP Gas or a Propane Gas System there will be a hose and regulator kit attached to control the pressure of the fluid or gas. This ensures smooth delivery of fuel at the pressure and flow rate that the heater or appliance needs.

It’s important to note that one type does not fit all. As a professional gas hose manufacturer, IGT provides different types of LPG regulators for our customers.

Smart Gas Regulator

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