Types Of Gas Valves

There're numerous types of Gas valves that IGT supplies, with different configurations and connection options.

How Does a Gas Valve Work?

How Does a Gas Valve Work?
  • Manual change-over valves are used to service one gas cylinder while the other cylinder is stood by

  • More cylinders on each side of the valve can be connected by the use of a manifold.

  • The test point ball valve is used just after the LP regulator in Caravan, Boat, and Leisure house installations. The test point is used to conduct the EN1949-150mbar gas leak test. Mandatory for EU markets

  • Needle valves are used to adjust gas flows without reducing the gas pressure. (Pressure drop over valve and pipe must be considered)


Gas Valve FAQs

  • What is a gas valve?

    Gas valve used in conjunction with Gas appliances, Caravan, Boat and Leisure housing as well as professional installations. Like manual change over valves, ball valve, and needle valve, etc.

  • What are the two main functions of a gas valve?

    1. Switch function;

    2. Connection function.

  • How long will a gas valve last?

    Automatic gas valve can last upto 5 years.

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