Gas Regulator Connector Types

There're numerous types of Gas Regulator Connector that IGT supply, with different configuration and connection options.

Gas Regulator Connector Advantages

Gas Regulator Connector Advantages
  • Allows delivering an unreduced pressure which is required for the operation of torches, burners, and furnaces for commercial and industrial applications.

  • Gas connector for bbq is 100% fit to gas cylinders. 

  • BBQ gas bottle connector types are usually used by food hawkers, outdoor operators, etc. 

  • Brass Head.


Gas Regulator Connector FAQs

  • How do you connect a regulator to a gas hose?

    Used the hose clamp to connect the gas hose with gas regulator outlet nozzle. Or use the fitting to connect the gas hose with gas regulator threaded outlet.

  • What are the different types of gas regulator connector?

    IGT provide gas regulator connector types, including compact snap type and Jumbo click type with unreduced pressure regulator coupling.

  • Do gas bottles have different fittings?

    Yes, IGT provide various fittings, please view gas regulator fittings brochure.

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