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Welcome to the world of versatile and reliable rubber flexible gas hoses! As a trusted wholesale supplier, IGT take pride in offering premium-quality rubber tubes for gas and rubber hoses for LPG applications. Whether you're a distributor, retailer, or business owner seeking top-notch gas flexible rubber hose solutions, our extensive range of products is designed to meet your wholesale needs. Let's explore the outstanding features and benefits of our gas rubber tubes, designed to ensure safety, durability, and ease of use in various gas-related applications.

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Rubber Gas Tube Introduction

  • To connect fittings, consuming appliances, and piping

  • Cold-resistant to -30°C

  • Various gas line rubber hose standards can be offered. For EU EN16436-1 and EN16436-2 are predominantly used.

  • Class 2, for reduced pressure and class 3 for unreduced pressure for class 3-IGT apply heavy sleeves with improved lifetime and durability with 300 NM pull force resistance.

Rubber Gas Hose Specification

Product ModelPictureRubber Hose size:Certificate
6.3mm Class 2 Rubber hose   EN16436-16mm-gas-hose-rubber.jpgID6.3mmEN16436-1
8mm Class 2 Rubber hose     EN16436-1


10mm Class 2 Rubber hose    EN16436-1


ID10mm Class 2EN16436-1
10mm Class 3 Rubber hose    EN16436-1


ID10mm Class 3EN16436-1

Benefits Of Rubber Flexible Gas Hoses

Rubber flexible gas hoses offer a wide range of benefits that make them a popular choice for gas-related applications. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Flexibility: As the name suggests, gas flexible rubber hoses are highly flexible, allowing for easy installation and maneuverability. This flexibility enables them to be used in tight spaces and around corners without compromising the integrity of the hose.

  • Durability: Rubber is a robust and resilient material, making these hoses highly durable and capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use. Rubber gas hose pipes are resistant to abrasion, tearing, and cracking, ensuring a longer service life and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

  • Temperature Resistance: Gas pipe rubber can handle a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for both high and low-temperature applications. They remain flexible even in extreme cold conditions and maintain their structural integrity in high-temperature environments.

  • Chemical Resistance: Rubber gas hoses are inherently resistant to a variety of chemicals, including those commonly found in gas applications. This resistance protects the hose from corrosion and degradation, ensuring safe and efficient gas flow.

  • Safety: Gas flexible rubber hoses are designed and manufactured to meet strict safety standards. They are engineered to handle the pressure and flow of gas while preventing leaks and potential hazards. Their flexibility also reduces the risk of kinking, which can impede gas flow and cause safety issues.


Rubber Gas Hose Pipe FAQs

  • Are rubber gas hoses pipe safe?

    Yes, Each IGT Hose assembly is tested 100% gas-tight by compressed air at 20bar. A rubber gas tube is recommended due to the longer durability, and fire resistance. Rubber gas hose pipe can last up to 10 years.

  • What kind of quality assurance does IGT rubber gas hose have?

    First, we have the CE certificate(According to EN16436-1) for rubber gas line hose, and also a full quality test before delivery.

  • How long does rubber gas hose last?

    Rubber gas pipe can last upto 10 years.

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