Medium Pressure Gas Regulator for A302/ A310/ A312

Welcome to our wholesale collection of Medium-Pressure Gas Meter Regulators! As a leading medium-pressure gas regulator supplier, IGT take pride in offering premium-quality gas governors and regulators for medium pressure applications. Whether you need a reliable medium-pressure gas governor or a regulator for medium pressure systems, our extensive range is designed to meet your wholesale needs. Explore our top-notch products to ensure a safe and efficient gas supply for your customers' medium pressure requirements. Shop now and experience the excellence of our Medium Pressure Gas Meter Regulator wholesale selection!

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  • Hand wheel medium pressure gas regulator equipped with G16 inlet

  • KLF medium pressure gas regulator  with G12 inlet

  • Medium pressure gas regulator with G1/4LH thread outlet

  • Medium pressure gas meter regulator with POL inlet

  • LPG gas regulator medium pressure with POL hardnose inlet

Medium Pressure Gas Regulator Specification

Inlet size options:G1/G2/G4/G5G/7/G8/G10/G12/POL
Outlet size options:thread 1/4"LH
Outlet pressure options:300mbar,500mbar,700mbar
Color options:Green,Silver, blue, yellow, orange, red, Silver metallic,Etc.
Regulator size:119×76×48mm
Packing:Plastic bag/ color box/ head card/ Blister

Benefits Of Medium Pressure Gas Regulators

Medium-pressure gas regulators offer several benefits that make them essential components in gas supply systems. Some of the key advantages of using medium-pressure gas governors include:

  • Precise Pressure Control: Medium-pressure gas regulators are designed to provide accurate and consistent pressure control. They ensure that the gas pressure remains within the desired range,

  • Increased Flow Rates: Compared to low pressure LPG gas regulator, medium pressure gas meter regulator can deliver higher flow rates. This feature makes them suitable for applications that require a significant amount of gas supply, such as in industrial burners, heating systems, and certain manufacturing processes.

  • Flexibility in System Design: Medium-pressure gas regulators offer flexibility in system design. They can be integrated into gas distribution networks, where the gas needs to be stepped down from high-pressure transmission lines to a medium pressure level before being further distributed to end-users.

  • Safety: Medium-pressure gas governors play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of gas supply systems. They help prevent excessive pressure in the gas lines, reducing the risk of gas leaks, equipment damage, or accidents.

  • Energy Efficiency: Efficient pressure control with medium pressure gas regulators can lead to improved energy efficiency in gas-powered systems. The right pressure regulation optimizes fuel consumption, reducing operating costs and environmental impact.

Medium-Pressure Gas Governor Applications

Medium-pressure gas governors find applications in various industrial and commercial settings where gas demand requires a pressure range higher than what low-pressure regulators can provide but lower than what high-pressure systems deliver. Some common applications of medium pressure gas governors include:

  • Industrial Heating: Medium-pressure gas governors are used in industrial heating applications, such as in boilers, ovens, and furnaces. They regulate the gas pressure to ensure efficient and controlled heat generation.

  • Manufacturing Processes: Many manufacturing processes require a steady supply of gas at a specific pressure. Medium-pressure gas governors play a crucial role in maintaining the required pressure for processes like glass production, metalworking, and food processing.

  • Gas-Fired Incinerators: Medium-pressure gas governors regulate gas flow in incinerators used for waste disposal and waste-to-energy conversion.

  • Food Service: In commercial kitchens and restaurants, medium-pressure gas governors are employed for gas-powered cooking appliances and ovens.

  • Gas Compression Stations: Medium-pressure gas governors are used in gas compression stations to maintain gas pressure within a specific range for transportation through pipelines.

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