Snap On Compact Low Pressure Regulator Basic+Standard Type for A120is/ A121is/ A122is/ A127is

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low pressure oxygen regulator
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A120isD1: Low pressure gas regulator with 20mm inlet

A122isU1: Low pressure gas regulator with 8mm outlet

A127isU2:  Low-pressure regulator with 27mm inlet

S100 Orange: Snap On Compact Low-Pressure basic regulator

S100 with child safety lock sliver: Snap On Compact Low-Pressure Regulator with child safety lock

Snap-On Compact Low-Pressure Regulator Basic+Standard Type Specifications

Inlet size options:20/21/22/26/27mm/G61
Outlet size options:8/10/11mm, thread 1/4"LH
Outlet pressure options:28mbar,29mbar,30mbar,37mbar
Excess flow:With or without auto excess flow valve
Color options:Green, Silver, blue, yellow, orange, red, Silver metallic, Etc.
Regulator size:95×80x65mm
Packing:Plastic bag/ color box/ head card/ Blister

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