Gas Filter

gas filter
filter for gas


  • The upper cup contains the gas filter. Replacement of the gas filter requires a wrench and is recommended by a professional gas fitter. 

  • The lower cup contains a gas pad that absorbs the heavy ends and dirt. This can be unscrewed by hand by the end user and the gas pad can be exchanged regularly. 

  • The inbuilt check valve closes the High-Pressure upper gas filter unit from the lower cup when the lower part is being unscrewed.

  • This safeguard the end user against the unwanted release of high-pressure gas from the gas hose and upper filter unit.

  • The check valve allows the exchange of the gas pads by the end-user without first emptying the complete gas system.

  • The filter for gas extends the lifetime of the changeover regulator and ensures trouble-free use.

Gas Filter Specification

Item NoInletRVS 8 mm
A900-F001RVS 8 mmRVS 8 mm
A900-F002RVS10 mmRVS 10 mm
A900-F003G1/4" Lh MaleG1/4" Lh Nut
A900-F004M20x1,5 MaleM20x1,5 Nut
A900-F005G5 KombiG12 KLF
Replacement filter
10 pcs gas pads

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