The presented connection solution for caravan and marine is the classic method of connecting a gas cylinder to the supply line of the vehicle. The low-pressure regulator is connected directly to the gas cylinder. The Medium pressure hose assembly creates the connection to the vehicle’s supply line.

To simplify travelling through the EU with different cylinder connections. We recommend a low-pressure regulator with PRV function. The connection to the gas cylinder is made with a suitable country-specific high-pressure hose assembly without a low-pressure regulator having to be replaced. Between the hose assembly and the low-pressure regulator is a gas filter, which protects the connected fittings and devices from contamination.

LPG systems on boats are standardized in EN ISO 10239. This standard takes account of extreme stresses, such as corrosion, low and high temperatures and strong movement of the boat.

We have implemented these requirements in our marine propane regulator selection for marine applications. In particular, corrosion protection plays a significant role.

Therefore, we have used stainless steel or brass as materials. Other metals are protected by a particularly high-quality painting process.

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