Domestic LPG Regulator for JYT0.6-B/ JYT0.6-M/ JYT0.6-PM

single stage gas regulator premium plus
single stage gas regulator premium
single stage gas regulator standard


Standard: Standard type Low pressure regulator  with  M22*1.5LH inlet

Premium: Premium type  Low pressure Domestic regulator with  gauge

Premium Plus: Premium plus type Low pressure  Domestic regulator  with  a push button  and manometer

Domestic LPG Regulator Specification

Inlet size options:M22*1.5LH
Outlet size options:11.5mm
Outlet pressure options:2.8Kpa
Excess flow:Equipped with manual excess flow valve with a
push button(stop 100% of the gas flow in case
of any leakage or disconnection
Manometer:Equipped with manometer for leakage detecting
and low gas level indicating.
Color options:Green
Regulator size:125x63x55mm
Packing:Color box

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