Structure of filter for gas

The gas filter is composed of shell, multi-element filter core, backwash mechanism, electronic control box, reducer, electric valve and differential pressure controller. The baffle inside the shell divides the internal cavity into upper and lower chambers, and multiple filter cores are installed in the upper chamber, fully utilizing the filtering space and significantly reducing the volume of the filter. The lower chamber is equipped with a backwash suction cup. During operation, the turbid liquid enters the lower chamber of the filter through the inlet, and then enters the inner cavity of the filter core through the hole in the baffle. Impurities larger than the gap between the filter cores are intercepted, and the clean liquid passes through the gap and reaches the upper chamber, finally sent out from the outlet.

Principle of filter for gas

The gas filter uses high-strength wedge-shaped filter screens for automatic drainage and cleaning of filter cores through differential pressure control and timing control. When impurities accumulate on the surface of the filter core inside the filter and cause the inlet and outlet pressure difference to increase to the set value, the backwash mechanism is driven. When the backwash suction cup is aligned with the filter core inlet, the sewage valve opens, and the system discharges water at reduced pressure. A negative pressure zone lower than the water pressure outside the filter core is generated on the inside of the suction cup and filter core, forcing part of the clean circulating water to flow from outside the filter core to its inside, and impurities adsorbed on the inner wall of the filter core are discharged from the sewage valve with the water flow. The specially designed filter screen makes the inside of the filter core produce a jetting effect, and any impurities will be flushed away from the smooth inner wall. When the inlet and outlet pressure difference of the filter recover to normal or the timer set time ends, the whole process will continue with constant material flowing, less water consumption for backwash, achieving continuous and automated production.

Design features of filter for gas

  • The filter equipment adopts patented internal mechanical structure technology, which realizes the truly high-pressure backwash function that can easily and thoroughly remove the impurities trapped in the filter screen, and the cleaning is comprehensive, ensuring filtering efficiency and long service life.

  • The filter equipment uses stainless steel wedge-shaped filter screens with high strength, high precision, and corrosion resistance. The maximum filtration accuracy can reach 25 microns.

  • The filter for gas equipment can automatically backwash through its own detection and strain functions, and can cope with unstable water quality fluctuations without manual intervention.

  • The filter equipment has few vulnerable parts, no consumables, low operating and maintenance costs, and simple operation and management.

  • The filter equipment control system has sensitive response and precise operation, and can flexibly adjust the backwash pressure difference time and time setting value according to different water sources and filtration accuracy.

  • During the backwash process, each (group) of filter screens are backwashed in turn, ensuring safe and efficient cleaning of the filter screen, while other filter screens are not affected and continue to filter.

  • The filter equipment adopts pneumatic sewage valve, which has short backwash time, low water consumption during backwash, and is environmentally friendly and economical.

  • The design of the filter equipment structure is compact and reasonable, occupying a small area, and the installation and movement are flexible and convenient.

  • The gas filter equipment's electrical system adopts an integrated control mode, which can realize remote control.