A gas regulator is installed on the liquefied gas cylinder valve to connect the cylinder valve and hose, to reduce the output pressure and stabilize the output pressure of household, industrial, and outdoor barbecue gas appliances supporting the important gas equipment. It has the advantages of simple structure, stable pressure, lightweight, easy to adjust and install, etc. Mainly by the gas inlet, gas outlet, hand wheel, switch, upper valve cover, lower valve cover, gas inlet nozzle, breathing hole, upper gas chamber, decompression chamber, valve pad, lever, rubber film, spring, adjusting screw and other components.

Gas regulator types

The gas regulator can be roughly divided into the gas low-pressure regulator, gas medium pressure regulator, and gas high-pressure regulator.

The characteristics of the gas regulator

Firstly, the effect of pressure reduction is reliable, the outlet pressure is not affected by the inlet pressure and flow rate, both dynamic pressure reduction and static pressure reduction, and can keep the set outlet pressure constant.

Secondly, easy to install and operate, only need to connect the cylinder and hose, and you can get accurate and stable outlet pressure.

Thirdly, good energy-saving effect, the regulator body adopts a precise design, small pressure loss, accurate flow and small volume, lightweight.

Fourthly, long life, important parts are made of special materials, basically no maintenance.

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