We are happy to inform you that our new smart regulator called iControlGas won an award in GTC consumer category at World LPG Forum 2022. iControlGas is new smart low pressure regulator with dynamic pressure control and blue tooth/GSM connectivity. It comes with two pressure sensors and a motor to adjust of the outlet pressure in real time. It provides precise and accurate pressure enhancing performance of gas appliances. We are proud that our upcoming product got this award at one of the most prestigious event in the industry. We want to thank you for expressing your interest in our product. You can get a quick overview of iControlGas regulator following the link:



We are glad to inform you that our new version of Jumbo low pressure regulators now approved to be used in Chile.


This regulator has classical ON/OFF switch placed in the upper part of the regulator, but it has much smaller body which helps us to save money on logistical expanses and reduce the use of from raw materials. It can be equipped with manometer for leak testing & low gas level indication, and with manual safety valve which will automatically shut-off of the gas flow in case of any big leakage.


This month we present you with 3 new upcoming products.


Our new tilt device A900- 415. It is used where tilting gas cylinder would allows liquid gas to reach the burner, for example in patio heaters. This device will prevent gas in its liquid form reaching the burner. It comes with 1/4" LH, 5/8" UNF and other common connections.


Our next new product is C237IS Jumbo coupling. It is an adapter for 35mm cylinder valves made in vertical design. This coupling will have M14 or M16 outlet connection.


We have an addition to our product line for USA, Canada, and Australia. It is A300USH regulator. It has QCC or QLC inlet connection. It can be equipped with 2,5 inch tank gauge for low level indication and leak testing.