A gas hose is a kind of special pipeline to transport combustible gas, is a sort of metal gas hose to replace the traditional snap way of rubber hose, which can solve rubber hose easy to fall off, easy to ageing, easy to insect bite, short service life defectives. 

The gas hose characteristic

The gas hose for sale has the characteristics of easy installation, reliable connection, corrosion resistance, no gas blocking, good flexibility, long service life, can be bent anywhere without deformation, no gas blocking, etc. PVC gas hose in China's municipal hose market, the plastic hose is steadily developing, among them, the strong development momentum of PVC gas hose is the most eye-catching, and its application fields are also very extensive.

Advantages of gas hose

As a professional gas hose manufacturer, IgtChina provides different types of gas hose pipes of good quality. Our gas extension pipes mainly cover two types: PVC gas hose and rubber gas hose pipe. The gas hose advantages are small relative density, equivalent to 1/4-1/7 of metal; excellent electrical insulation properties, chemical stability; convenient installation, construction, easy maintenance; low energy consumption per unit. However, compared with metal, it has lower mechanical properties, narrower use temperature range and larger expansion and contraction deformation. 

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