We want to invite you again to the 133rd Canton Fair, where we will have an opportunity to meet each other. China Import and Export Fair will be held in Guangzhou on April 15th-19th. Our booth number is E43-44 in Hall 16.2. We will be glad to see you there. You can find more details here:


IGT is glad to announce our new product for Caravan and Boat industry. This is our A333 gas regulator for single cylinder. It has special brackets which allow it to hang on the wall in different positions.


Here are the main features of this product:

- Compliant with EN16129/D/M.

- Has extra corrosive protection (6 times longer life in aggressive environment at sea or on shore).

- Internal metal parts in stainless steel.

- Can be shipped with various high-pressure hoses (up to 750mm) for different valves.

- Can be shipped with an eight or ten mm RVS steel outlet.

Optional features include:


- IGT crash sensor (available September 2023).

- Manual excess flow valve which will stop 100% of gas flow in case of big leakage. Requires regulator to be mounted horizontally.

- IGT manometer for leak testing and low gas indication.

- Heating device.


Our new gas filter unit with double cup design is ready and will be available soon from our warehouses in Denmark and China.


This product will clean your gas and protect your devices. The upper cup contains a gas filter. The lower cup contains a gas pad that absorbs heavy-ends and dirt. The built-in check valve automatically separates the high-pressure upper cup from the lower cup when the lower cup is unscrewed. This safeguards the end user against unwanted release of high-pressure gas from the gas hose and upper part of filter unit. The check valve allows replacement of gas pads by end user without emptying gas system completely. Gas filters extend the lifetime of changeover regulators and ensure trouble-free operation.